Save Hours with Automated Rules

PPC account management can be deeply satisfying (yes I am a geek)…

but however you cut it, it does involve repetitive tasks.

So automated rules are a bit of a godsend when it comes to saving time on basic keyword-level bid management.

One of the most important automated rules is the one you’ll set up to reduce bids on lower performing keywords.

Lower bids on keywords with high spend and fewer than X conversions over a certain period (whatever minimum number makes sense for you to isolate your lower converters).

NB if you used a ‘maximum CPA’ threshold alone, you wouldn’t catch keywords with no conversions at all…

There are three or four basic automated rules that save time for most accounts, but this one deserves to go at the top of the list.

Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the need for close attention and manual optimisation, but it does put a reliable ‘safety net’ in place, to ensure that keyword bids get adjusted where the need is most obvious.

So put it in place once, and let the robots take some work off your plate for months to come!

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