How to Get Help from Google Ads Support

Google Ads support isn't always the best... but it's what we have. Here's how to use it.

Since you’re interested in reading this, you may well be aware that getting serious help from Google Ads support isn’t easy.

You’ll reach the limits of what the support reps can offer pretty quickly. Sometimes with a little persistence you can stretch those limits; sometimes not…

But there is a lot you get out of Google Ads support if you take the right routes, so here’s a guide to your options and best way to approach them.


How to Get Help with Google Ads

Here’s the standard route…. (open the image for clickable links)

For specific types of issue there are also particular forms to fill and routes to take…

For Technical Google Ads Issues

If you have an issue that definitely needs action or answers from Google internally, the usual route is to go through the contact form at:

Or – for a more convenient route to the same process – click on ‘Get help’ in your account…

You’ll be asked to choose which options best describe your issue, and will then be given a selection of contact methods based on your answers (and when/where you’re submitting the form).

You usually get the most options (live chat, email and call) if you choose ‘other’ at the last step.

Then choose ‘call’ for the best chance of immediate help… or log a ticket by email if you’re more interested in keeping a paper trail.

Industries Requiring Certification

To run ads at all in certain industries, you need to get certified. There are specific forms to fill in for each industry.

Here are the forms for the most common:

Gambling certification:


Healthcare products and services certification:


Trademarked Terms

A common reason for ad disapproval is the use of trademarked terms.
Here’s the general information on Google’s trademark policy for ads:
You can register as an advertiser with permission from the trademark owner using this form
Or to flag up the unauthorised use of your / your client’s trademark using this form:

Competitors Flaunting the Rules?

 It’s not unusual to see other advertisers getting away with clear violations of policy… and when they’re your competitors, you might find a sudden urge to become a good citizen and let Google know…

Ad Approvals

Your ads are ‘under review’ – and you either need them up-and-running pronto, or you’re getting sick of waiting. 

If you contact support because you need ads to be active straight away, you’ll probably get a response like this…

Philip Taylor 9:29 AM
basically this product just launched at 9:00 and [well-known brand] need to be pushing it straight away so I'm hoping you can help us get them active quickly…

James (not real name) 9:30 AM
unfortunately there is no way for us to speed up the process as we can't manually review any ads until they are released by the system after 24 hours

James 9:31 AM
if they still haven't been reviewed by the system by tomorrow we can send them on for manual review

Philip Taylor 9:32 AM
Really nothing we can do to speed this up? It's a major launch - timing rather critical…

James 9:32 AM
unfortunately not no

James 9:32 AM
it's technically impossible

Great… 🤔

If you have a direct contact at Google, unsurprisingly, more things become ‘technically possible’…

The criteria for having a dedicated rep assigned to you change frequently, but the bar is pretty high.

Again these systems and thresholds change frequently… but I have it on very good authority that if a campaign has a budget of €6K per day, then your rep can get you on the fast track for ad approvals…

If like me you work with various different agencies and direct clients, you may have different reps assigned for different accounts (and other accounts with no assigned contact). 

These contacts are a LOT more helpful than the general support reps – though as with any kind of support, it depends on who you get.

I’ve often managed to get help from them not directly related to the account for which they’re assigned, so if you do have access to a direct contact, treat them as a valuable resource (I mean… a person first, obviously – but also a valuable resource!).


For General Issues / Questions

If you just want advice on best practice or you have a general PPC question – it’s worth joining a Google Ads-related Facebook group to tap into a community of fellow PPCers. 

Choose a friendly one like (ehem…) PPC Lounge (<–my one).

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