How to Choose an Attribution Model in Google Ads

How to make an informed choice about your attribution model (course extract)...

In this video, we join the course unit on attribution, as it turns to the question of how to decide which attribution model is right for you

Underlying the pros and cons of each of them is this rule of thumb:

And the most relevant dimension along which different attribution models will help or hinder your efforts, is this:

If you want more top-of-funnel activity: more new users to be finding you; more growth… then you’ll want to reward the click that is most likely to have initiated the user journey. First Click.

If you want to mop up all the bottom-of-funnel value, and revenue is your overriding priority (without much concern for where it came from)… that’s Last Click.

The other models each give their own take on finding a balance between these two extremes.

For an introduction to the pros and cons… and the value (and limitations) of attribution modelling, watch the video.

Or for the whole nine yards, join Google Ads Level Up.

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