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The value I'm getting is next-level. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to advance their PPC knowledge 🔥

Lez Van De Mortel
Digital Agency Owner

Very knowledgable and actually interested in helping fellow PPC'ers and businesses alike grow and expand. Would 100% recommend.

Rhyse Hines
PPC Professional

Quick wins that can help grow your business... I highly and genuinely recommend!

Julie M
Founder - The New You Plan

Phil has mastered the art of explaining complex tasks in a way that’s easy to understand... I’m now confident that I’ll be able to setup and manage data-driven campaigns

John Reimann
Digital Marketer

Coming from someone who has worked in the industry for a little while now, I can honestly say I haven’t been able to find online guidance that is as clear as the Level Up content.

Elliot Remington
PPC Professional

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Who am I?

I’m Phil Taylor.

I’ve been in PPC advertising since 2004, when I started working at Google, to join their team of ‘Creative Maximisers’.

(They did eventually realise how silly a job title that is, at which point we became ‘Account Strategists’)

That was an interesting three years!

It was a cool company to work for…especially in the early days, before the creeping corporatization really took hold.

My team were optimising accounts for (only) the biggest advertisers in the UK, spending eye-watering sums.

It was quite a responsibility… especially when I consider how little I knew about what I was doing compared to now!

But good times…

I left the mothership in 2007 to work on various online projects: a news satire site, affiliate marketing, app startups, building a marketing agency… and through it all I’ve been honing, and benefitting from, my Google Ads know-how.

I now train fellow PPC professionals to get the most out of their paid search campaigns.

PPC is a valuable skill to have… and it’s nice to be able to give a leg up (especially as the platform itself doesn’t always steer advertisers in the best direction…)

Get the best of 15 years' learning with expert training from a former Googler

Learn the tools, skills and methods you need to upskill, massively improve results, and become the valuable PPC expert your clients need.

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Fortnightly Live Q&A

30% discount on a one-hour strategy session with me. We'll go over your account on Zoom screenshare and uncover key opportunities

What if I don't like it?

Choose Lifetime Access and if you don’t like it (you will…) – let me know within 14 days and I’ll give you a refund. No questions asked.

Level Up

With expert guidance and ongoing support, Google Ads Level up will help you up your game and use the awesome power of Paid Search to become the valued PPC professional you can be. Step up into the next phase of your marketing career.


New to Google Ads?
Start here...

1. Paid Search Fundamentals

Introduction to Google Ads (08:12)

1.0 Creating a Google Ads campaign - walkthrough (40.23)

1.1 Get Optimisation Ready (06:31)

1.2 Being Data-led (08:45)

2. Getting Tracking Sorted

Looking to Level Up?
Start here...

3. Keywords
4. Ads
5. Landing Pages
6. Structure
7. Bidding and Targeting
8. Taking it Further
Level Up

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  • Tracking setup
  • Quality Score
  • Attribution
  • Bidding Strategies
and more...
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With access to...

  • Comprehensive video lessons
  • Cheatsheets & resources
  • Exclusive Google Ads Level Up community
  • Fortnightly Q&A
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Transform the relationship as you

  • Deliver consistent results
  • Spot hidden opportunities
  • Get more proactive
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Step up to the plate and

  • Help your clients through tough times
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  • Win more referrals and new opportunities