How Google Ads has changed

Google Ads isn’t what it used to be…

Over the last few years the platform has changed in ways that shift the emphasis away from the control and transparency that were once its USP… into a more automated, machine learning based system.

Inputs from the advertiser’s side are more limited… as are our insights into what happens in between those inputs, and the output.

Inevitably, our methods for getting the most out of Paid Search have changed along with it. Those changes are gradual, and uneven… but the direction of change is not a mystery – and the fundamentals of what works and why, have altered in some clear ways.

In my new five-part mini-series, How Google Ads Has Changed, we look at how to make the best use of those changes… broken down into:

• Audiences
• Automation
• Aggregation
• Ads

… and an overview 👆🏽

Register for free access to the full mini-course, and take a deeper look at how Google Ads has changed, and how to use those changes to get the most out of Paid Search today.

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