Getting the most out of RSAs

Ad optimisation used to be pretty simple.

Run 3-4 ads together

Check them frequently

Pause the losers

Keep the winners


It wasn’t always easy to keep it up, but the principle was straightforward.

And by performing this kind of selection consistently, we could be confident of improving performance incrementally even without much “intelligent design” of the ads themselves.

But RSAs are a different animal… and thanks to the fluid nature of each ad – the old method of optimisation no longer applies.

Of course, RSAs promise to run a similar kind of test ‘internally’ on an ongoing basis…
and not only to seek out the overall best ad composition but also – to some extent – to match the most appropriate combinations to each auction.

Theory and practice don’t necessarily match here… as shown in multiple studies and summarised in my video, the thing about RSAs.

But there’s a lot we can do to optimise RSAs, and members of my paid search course Google Ads Level Up got a new unit just before New Year, distilling the theory, and the hard-earned evidence, into exactly what steps and practices yield the best results with RSAs.

Here are a few of the key points from the summary at the end of the unit…

Ads are half of Google Ads… and despite what Google tells us, just sacrificing all your control to the gods of Ad Strength will not serve you well.

So a solid, up-to-date guide on how to get the most out of RSAs may just be a useful way to start the year… 👇🏽

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