Frequently-Asked Bad PPC Questions

I often get asked questions like these, that don’t have good answers, but have pretty useful non-answers….


Q: How do I get my ads to appear first in the results?

Trying to appear in the number one spot can be an expensive project… and it’s not one that generates any value in itself.

Raising your average position is generally helpful when you want to increase clicks…

but first, pay attention to the quality of your traffic. Is it converting well?

If you’re happy with your traffic and want more of the same, there are far smarter ways to expand than by fixating on position one!


Q: How can we lower our CPC?

Remember that clicks are the means to an end.

What you’re really aiming for are those user interactions on your site, that further your business aims. You should be tracking these interactions as conversions.

OK, all things being equal, cheaper clicks = more clicks = means more conversions…

but all things aren’t equal. You often find that higher CPCs are outweighed by better conversion rates from that more expensive traffic… and so it generates a better ROI.

Keep your eyes on the metrics that matter.


Q: What’s a good conversion rate?

That’s a fair thing to want to know! It’s just that there’s no answer outside of your own set of factors.

Sure, you can find an ‘industry average’

but even within each industry, businesses will have different models / track different types of action as a conversion / operate in different locations / serve different segments of the market…

There is no good or bad PPC activity – or result – except as far as it is measured against your particular, specific business goals.

Please note – I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with asking questions… it’s the best way to learn (and all questions are very welcome in my Free Facebook Group!).…

but it’s the non-answers to the questions above, that touch on the fundamentals of what PPC is about.

Keep levelling up!

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