A Better Way to Judge Text Ads

A neat way to factor in both CTR and conversion rate when it comes to evaluating your Google Ads text ads.

When judging your winning ads, you often face a trade-off between an ad with a higher CTR, and another with a better conversion rate…

Instead of weighing up those metrics against each other every time, here’s a way to cut straight to a definite winner…

Here’s how: You can create a custom column to factor both CTR and conversion rate into a single metric: ‘impression conversion rate’. This will tell you the number of conversions each ad generated per 100 impressions – factoring in both CTR and conversion rate with a single score – and it’s simple to set up…

In the ads view, go to ‘Columns’ > ‘Modify’, scroll down to ‘Customised Columns’ and select ‘New Column’… 

Name the new metric, put in ‘Conversions ÷ Impressions’ and choose ‘%’ for the metric type.

Welcome to your new favourite metric for judging ads!

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