How to Test RSAs

The fluid nature of RSAs poses a challenge when it comes to rigorous testing.

But – with RSA auto-optimisation not quite being all it’s cracked up to be, testing still needs to be done.

In the new course unit (live today), we look at several effective tests you can run to improve RSA performance.

One reason why it’s not easy to assess RSAs and find incremental improvements (in the straightforward ad-vs-ad way we used to for ETAs) is that each ‘ad’ can – in theory – have 10,000s of variations.

As Fred Vallaeys reminds us in his useful article on optimising RSAs

“When comparing the performance of two RSAs to one another, you’re really comparing the performance of 43,680 possibilities of ad A to 43,680 possibilities of ad B.”

And RSAs are sorely lacking in metrics for comparing the performance or impact of any particular lines and combinations…

This extract from the unit takes us through the default reports that are available to us for assessing different assets within our RSAs – the Assets report and the Combinations report – and how to extract as much value out of these as we can…

In the unit, we delve deeper into the setup and messaging of our RSAs with six types of test to optimise performance and get them working the way we want them to!

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