#4 Google Ads Updates not to miss

A roundup of the most useful updates to hit Google Ads over the last few weeks…

Quick Summary:

1) Image Extensions update 

Image extensions are about to become more valuable – appearing on desktop (previously mobile-only).

If you have Image Extensions in place, this will happen automatically (dynamic image extensions too).

Google is also providing a bank of stock images that you access from the interface and use as extensions.


2) Ad Extensions upgrade 

It will soon be possible to pause and enable your ad extensions 👏🏼.

A few extension scheduling options are being removed with this update – and there will be some discontinuity of extension data before/after the change. (Both should be minor).


3) Campaign Experiments overhaul 

In the new workflow there is no longer a ‘draft campaign’ stage – just select the campaign, make the draft changes, and you’re off.

We’re also getting the ability to sync changes made to the original campaign during an experiment (a nice improvement, as previously we either had to forego any optimisation to a campaign during an experiment, or make the same changes separately in the original and experiment versions).


4) Custom Columns - new features 

Custom columns have gained some new features – with an expansion both in the list of base metrics and in the functions becoming available for use in calculating the output 👌🏼

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