Google Ads Updates – Q1 2024 Roundup

No slowdown in the pace of change with Google Ads updates in Q1 2024…

Here’s a roundup and analysis of the key changes, and what to do about them.

Watch the vid for more context and analysis… but here’s a quick summary of the changes 👇🏽

1) Consent Mode v2  

With the introduction of Consent Mode version 2, advertisers targeting EEA countries found themselves navigating a mix of compliance requirements and uncertainties.

The simplest way to comply: Adopt a Google-approved Consent Management Platform (see the list here

Adopting Consent Mode v2 is not just about adhering to regulations; it preserves the ad personalisation (e.g. use of remarketing audiences) and future-proofs your tracking.

2) Single-Headline RSAs 

RSAs can now appear with just one headline (vs the usual two… and occasional three)

Watch the vid for why this poses a danger (despite the promise of higher CTRs…) and how to prevent it.

3) AI assets with Imagen 2 and Gemini Models 

Updated capabilities for AI-generated assets for PMax, on both the image and text side. (and a look at another, lesser-known AI capability Google offers…)

4) Prominence of Automatically Created Assets 

Automatically created assets now stand on equal footing with manually created assets (as opposed to only being used when manually-created assets are not in place).

You’ll probably want to turn these off if you haven’t already done so…

Other Updates 

• New regulations now enable Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) to advertise their products in PLAs… adding more competition into the mix.

Commission Strategy for Hotel Ads removed: The introduction of commission-based strategies for Hotel Ads (plus more travel ad solutions coming to both PMax and Demand Gen)

GA4 changes – with a Google Ads Report (finally) coming to GA4, and some impactful changes to the way GA4 deals with conversions.

Search Partner Data coming to PMax – shedding a little  more light on previously hidden areas of PMax activity

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