For PPC professionals looking to become valued experts, quickly

Google Ads Mentorship Package

A three-month programme of intensive coaching for you to up-skill in Google Ads, becoming highly competent in all key areas of campaign creation and optimisation.

How Does It Work?

Most of the coaching will be in the one-hour Zoom sessions with me, Phil Taylor (two sessions per month. Six in total). Coaching will be tied in to your own accounts where applicable.

If you’re up for it, I will give you additional tasks to complete between sessions.

As part of the mentor package, I will also be available with unlimited email support, and IM support throughout the mentorship – so as and when any questions come up, feel free to send them over.

Done-for-you account creation or optimisation is not included in the package, but our sessions will include specific recommendations for optimisation and setup of the accounts we look at together.

What Will We Cover?

Expected topics for coaching:

This topic list above is not set in stone. The agenda is flexible, and depends on your priorities and familiarity with each component and feature of Google Ads. In short – we’ll focus on what you need.


Every mentorship is different (but they’ve all been fun). It’s a completely bespoke journey we’ll take together, from where you are now to becoming the valued Google Ads expert you want to be.

So until we speak, I can’t tell you exactly what we’ll discuss, how quickly we’ll cover the ground, or what each topic will be…

What I can say is that you will see a rapid and considerable increase in your expertise and effectiveness with Google Ads during our time working together. 

Here’s what other marketers who have worked with me say…

On booking, you’ll receive be able to schedule your first session to suit you. After that, we’ll work out the best schedule for the following sessions.

If you have any issues, just get in touch with me at I look forward to working with you!

Want to try out a one-off session?

Book a one-to-one video call. Fully refunded if you move on to the coaching package!